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MOJIFLY specializes in bringing fun to the world of golf. All the balls have been identified with special naming that suits and fits the golf ball design.

All of our MOJIFLY golf balls are manufactured to be on par with the world's leading golf balls and are a 2 piece design golf ball.

Golf should be fun for everyone and MOJIFLY wants to help bring that fun excitement on the golf course.

MOJIFLY is officially trademarked with the United States Patent & Trademark Office.

Innovation at its best

Technology has always improved the lives of people.  MOJIFLY continues to learn so that we can bring you the very best of products and services. In order to achieve this continually, we as a company must remain innovative and creative. Through our global networks, our engineers and R&D department are able to gain valuable data and information relevant to you so that we continue to deliver our promises. However great advancements in technologies can benefit us, we can also learn and apply simple methods of applying historical knowledge as well. We aim to adapt both the past and future advancements to deliver the very best.

Another area we strive to work hard at is understanding your needs. Your needs as an end-user. Your needs and requirements for a product you will be using. We study your industry, your vehicles, your locations, and your jobs. Once we have a strong understanding, we can deliver more benefits to you. This is one area not many companies will look into but we remain to have a strong commitment in this area.

Strict Quality Control

MOJIFLY manufactures and distributes fun exciting novelty golf balls. This is why in order to maintain the adequate performance of products, stringent quality check procedures must be placed during the manufacturing stages. We implement our Quality Control System is a Double Cross Check system. All of our products are tested for quality assurance immediately after the production line. The second quality control check occurs just before it reaches our customers. All the quality. The first four randomly select products as 100% of all products go through the last 2 stages of our QC Process. All products are tested one last time before leaving distribution centers for final lighting checks.

Dedicated Servicing

MOJIFLY is dedicated to servicing your needs. This occurs before and continues until the end. We take great pride in our products and will try our best to meet your needs. We will work hard to ensure your satisfaction because you are a valued customer to us. We offer a money-back guarantee as well as warranty certifications for all of our products. Our repair center has one of the fastest turnaround rates.

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